New Year's Update

Lowrey Piano Organ

January 08, 2018


2017 was a busy year with the official launch of the main website. I've put in countless hours and many sleepless nights trawling through wholesaler inventory to try and bring together a stock list that makes my web store a "one stop" shop for DIY-ers in the Australian pedal building community. I aim to keep my prices competitive and am continuously seeking ways to reflect that back to my customers through bulk orders and growing relationships with manufacturer's and suppliers.

With the happy addition of PCB's supplied by AION Electronics in the last year, you can expect to see further additions to the inventory I will be supplying. The focus in the next few months is to find reliable sources for the more elusive components that help to authenticate and replicate the vintage tones that these circuits give you access to.


New products to look forward to...

I am currently in the process of putting together hardware and component kits for all the PCB's that I am offering. It is something that I had hoped to provide to you with the addition of the AION projects, however I am taking my time to do it properly to allow for the many variants that each circuit offers in the hopes that this process can be made seamless on your end.

Whilst not my main priority at present, over the course of this next year I hope to diversify my range of products to include some pre-wired pick guard upgrades, custom patch/instrument leads and there have been also some whispers of introducing DIY 500 series effects kits.


Most importantly, thanks so much for the support I have received so far in such a short period of time! Knowing that there are so many keen tinkerers out there that share the same passions as I do has been the motivation for me that keeps this alive!

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